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Choka Boards, LLC., was developed from a desire to leave the 9 to 5, and a passion to support the island lifestyle by offering the best boards in water, on land and through air. Choka Boards works with local board shops, manufacturers and distributors around the nation providing the best board selection, the best quality craftsmanship, and best-in-class community information. Choka Boards always offers free ground shipping on all board orders and has a first class 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thank you so much for visiting and re Learn More ›

SUP Stand Up Paddle boards for every member of the family

If SUP stand up paddle boards are what your looking for we have you covered! Selecting the most suitable sup paddle board takes more than considering average size and design. We have gone to great lengths to showcase the highest class SUP paddle boards for sale on our site. To get the best paddleboard, start with your habits as a rider. Consider:

  • Where do I intend to use your stand up paddle board?
  • How often will you take your paddle board out?
  • What SUP board is best for your physical stature?
  • What is your SUP experience level?

Be sure to check out an inflatable SUP paddle board in our stand up paddleboards category!

Surfboards And Long boards For Seasoned and Novice Riders

Surf boards are not all created equal, there are several factors that go into choosing the perfect board – more than considering surfboards for price or appearance. ChokaBoards, being more than just a surf shop, goes above and beyond listing surfboards for sale. Our job is to help you discover your ideal board for your own best ride!

Long boards have long been deemed ideal for beginner surfers, although boards of 8′ or longer can be used by anyone. Our selection of longboards for sale is geared towards any rider, young or not so young, who prefers this type of board for his or her own reasons. Check out our long boards and various other surfboards for sale, and then contact us for personal assistance in choosing the right one that will elevate your experience!

Skateboards & Longboards For Sale With Free Shipping

To keep things fair, we’ve also got a large selection of skate boards, skateboard decks and gear for the outdoor enthusiast. Being a large skateboard warehouse, we’ve got both the product and the know-how to help you find the perfect board. Whether you want a longboard skateboard or just a new deck, we’ve got you covered.

Wakeboards – Choosing the Best

The wakeboard you buy is more than a simple riding device, it is an integral piece of gear that actually shows just who you are as a rider. For this reason, choosing the right wake board is an important task that deserves ample consideration. We’ve not only got a huge selection of wakeboards for sale that you can choose from, but we also have knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have.

Snowboards & Gear for Winter Sports

Outdoor sports do not end with summer! To keep your groove going during the winter months, check out our selection of snowboards for sale.Just like when buying a surf board, there are certain factors you want to consider when choosing your new snowboard.

  • Check out snowboards based on your skill level
  • Choose a snow board based on your overall stature, including weight and height.

Be sure to check out our snowboard sale!

A Surf Shop That Cares

As a Surf Shop we pride ourselves on Excellent Customer Service both locally and nationally! Customers will enjoy free ground shipping on all boards, custom ordering options where available, live customer service, account access features, and the involvement in a very informational boarding community. At, we make sure you have everything and anything you could need to keep up with your favorite outdoor activity by providing you access to:

  • Nationwide boarding events and schedules
  • Latest News, articles and stories
  • Boarding Glossary
  • Board reviews
  • ChokaBoards blogs and forums
  • Instructional videos
  • On-going contests

More than just a skate shop, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor needs. Kiteboarding enthusiasts will love our selection of kiteboards. More than most surf shops, we serve beach-lovers through a wide variety of surf boards, including an extensive line of longboards. Even those with more mild tastes can take advantage of our stellar selection of bodyboards and skimboards. Browse our site and find your new boogie board in just minutes!